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Car Detailing In Culver City


Drivers near Culver City looking for a nearby professional car detailing shop need look no further than Playa Vista Carwash & Gas. The auto detailing specialists at Playa Vista Carwash & Gas provide a handful of executive detail packages guaranteed to pamper your ride that let you show of your prized possession in all its glory.


Fortunately for consumers in the area, Playa Vista Carwash & Gas features prices to fit any budget, especially for auto detailing in the Marina Del Rey and Inglewood neighborhoods. Choose from an interior detail, an exterior detail, or spring for both and save even more of your cash to spend on gas for your sweet ride.


No Longer Do You Have to Wonder, “Is There Quality Auto Detailing Near Me?”


Playa Vista Carwash & Gas is the perfect destination for those who are sitting around thinking, “I wish there was top of the line car detailing near me.” The cream of the crop auto detailing at Playa Vista Carwash & Gas is better known as the Big Kahuna!


The Big Kahuna features a full-service hand wash along with the removal of all paint oxidation on the exterior of your vehicle. Without this specific auto detailing treatment for your custom Culver City vehicle, not only is the paint finish at risk of noticeable imperfections but the oxidation could even reach the metal underneath eventually.


The metal particles that wind up on your paint job will naturally tarnish over time the longer they reside on your vehicle while exposed to the elements. A careful removal of the particles from the surface of your car’s finish will provide a beautiful and spotless shine while protecting the paint job from damage.


Let Your Culver City Vehicle Shine Bright With Quality Auto Detailing


The Big Kahuna auto detailing at nearby Playa Vista Carwash & Gas also provides Ladera Heights drivers a polish and glaze service that further protects the painted services on the exterior of your vehicle. A car detailing professional hand waxes each vehicle using carnauba paste wax. Every auto detailing job also includes a degreasing and dressing of wheels and tires.


Inside the vehicle, the best car detailing service in Culver City found at Playa Vista Carwash & Gas features shampooing of all the upholstery. Auto detailing specialists also clean every nook and cranny of the interior, such as door jambs and trunks seals.


The interior auto detailing finishes up with an air gun detail to remove every speck of dirt and dust, as well as your choice of air freshener. Drivers cruising through Marina Del Rey and Inglewood always ride away satisfied with their auto detailing from Playa Vista Carwash & Gas.


After all, the objective at Playa Vista Carwash & Gas is ensuring 100% satisfaction for their auto detailing clients. Every car detailing specialist is willing to go above and beyond to make sure drivers are comfortable with the service received.


Playa Vista Carwash & Gas Features Every Level of Auto Detailing Plus Extras


In between your trips to Playa Vista Carwash & Gas to receive “The Works,” you can schedule an “express” mini auto detailing service that still includes a full-service hand wash while providing a clear coat wax on the exterior and a treatment of the surfaces inside the vehicle as well. Other extras you can add to your auto detailing service include headlight restoration, a wheel steam, and leather conditioning.


While waiting for the timely auto detail specialists to finish up your service, Playa Vista Carwash & Gas also features a convenient boutique onsite where you can grab a snack for yourself as well as an accessory for your ride. The friendly staff at Playa Vista Carwash & Gas have thought of it all.


Playa Vista Carwash & Gas is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for drivers around the Ladera Heights neighborhood and beyond to receive the auto detailing they need to keep their car, truck, or van in top shape at all times. Call Playa Vista Carwash & Gas at 310-915-0303 or search for our convenient location from your phone to find the quickest route to the most meticulous car detailing in the Culver City area.

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